An Ode to the apex locator

Being quite a sad individual I often find myself discussing endodontics. I am frequently asked by colleagues for my opinion on the latest tech or gadget of which there are an overabundance. I am a sucker for a shiny new toy which I suppose why in part I was drawn to the practice of endodontics which has lots of them.

Guided Endodontics with the Navident System

This week I glimpsed the future of Endodontics, and it was good. 

A few weeks ago David blogged about a technique written up using CBCT, some planning software and a 3D printed stent to aim a drill through teeth looking for the pulp chamber. 

As a major consumer of all the above technology, I was jealous of the research team’s ability to play with all the latest gear and take a system devised and used successfully for implant placement to locate root canals inside teeth. 


Resorption detected? CBCT seems necessary!

Above: CBCT Scan slices UL6 a) sagittal view b) coronal view c) axial view

One of the most common challenges in Endodontics is resorption. And when this radiolucency appears in the radiograph… a few questions are raised. Which could be the reason for the resorption? Is it internal or external? What is the real size of the resorptive defect? If it is external, does it communicate with the pulp? And if it is internal, has it perforated the root surfaces?


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