Endodontic Courses

Whatever it is that you might want to achieve in your endodontics, I do hope that we can welcome you to the Academy on your path to excellence.

An invitation to experience and learn in one of the UK's leading endodontic practices.

The 2018-19 course dates have now been released and we are pleased to announce 3 new stand-alone courses for those of you who would like to experience selected parts of the Certificate Course without committing to the whole programme.

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Current Courses


Get it right - First time!

2018 - Thurs 9/2, 9/3, 27/4,18/5.
2018-19 - Fri 1/9, 29/9, 20/10, 17/11, 11/1

If you really want to be root treating and saving teeth that you can be confident will function in health for many years, and consequently doing the very best for your patients, then the answer to this problem is simple….. Get your Endo right – First Time!


Certificate in Endodontic Practice

2018 -
Foundation - see GIRFT dates
Intermediate - Thurs 5/1, 2/2, 2/3, 6/4.
Advanced - Fri 5/5, 26/5, 30/6, 21/7.

The Certificate in Endodontic Practice is geared to those practitioners who want to increase their confidence in dealing with more challenging cases and to advance their endodontic skills.


Cone Beam CT

2018 - Thurs 23/2.
2018 - Thurs 2/11.

This fascinating day introduces you to the theoretical and practical elements of using CBCT scanning in endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning.


Back to Basics -
Day 1 Taster

2018 - Fri 14/7.

For all commitment-phobes who might not be sure whether all this high tech stuff is for you. Come and join us for Day 1 of 'Get it Right First Time' with no further commitment, and see whether you like it? You can join us again for more days, when you find that you do!!


Endodontic Retreatment

2018 - Fri 16/6.
2018 - Fri 8/9.

Build your confidence in retreatodontics during this one day course. Patients will want you to save their teeth and root canal failure is too often deemed a hopeless prognosis. Learn how to assess these correctly, and treat the straightforward ones. A great practice builder!


Endodontic Microsurgery

2018 - Fri 31/3.
2018 - Fri 28/7.

Endodontic microsurgery can have excellent predictability and success when done properly. This one day course will introduce you to microsurgical instrumentation and materials, and teach you the techniques to extend your endodontic skills.

Win a Place on a Course

Win a place on one of our CPD evenings for referring practitioners. 1-2 places will be available on each course. The winners will be drawn 1 month before the course. The names will published on the website and winners informed by email. Good Luck!