The Certificate builds on the foundation skills course (see Get it right – first time!) and is geared to those practitioners who want to increase their confidence in dealing with the more challenging cases and to advance their endodontic skills.

The certificate course is suitable for practitioners who require greater endodontic proficiency, or those planning on applying for a General Practitioner with a Special Interest in Endodontics contract, considering specialisation*, or just want to become the ‘one in the practice who does the Endo’.

The first 4 days will be the foundation course, followed by a 4-day intermediate course and a 4-day advanced course. Participants can just select just 1, 2, or 3 courses** but the Certificate will only be awarded on completion of all 3 courses.

"Geared to those practitioners who want to increase their confidence in dealing with the more challenging cases and to advance their endodontic skills."

Intermediate Course

The Intermediate Course will provide you with a knowledge and understanding of:

1. The scientific differences between primary endodontics and retreatadontics.

2. Evidence-based decision making in endodontic treatment.

3. Techniques and strategies for dealing with difficult anaesthesia, broken down teeth, and complex anatomy.

4. Rapid and safe techniques for the removal of gutta-percha.

5. Restorative considerations that the endodontically treated tooth.

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course will provide you with knowledge and understanding of:

1. Advanced diagnostic and treatment planning skills using endodontic CBCT (see Cone Beam CT in Endodontics).

2. When it to consider surgical options and surgical considerations.

3. Dealing with technical errors-ledges, perforations, and fractured instruments.

4. Resorption and its consequences.

5. Dento-alveolar trauma and its consequences

These course objectives will be achieved through small group presentations, practical-based on-line documentation, demonstrations, and hands on practical tasks using operating microscopes and phantom simulators with unique ‘Academy’ teeth. Live session treatment from the surgery will be shown through the audio and video links.

Each day will provide 7 hours of certified CPD.

*The certificate is not university accredited and will not count towards any recognised degree within the University system.

**The courses must be taken in order.


Intermediate skills (Group 3) – 1 PLACE LEFT

1. Thursday 5th January 2017

2. Thursday 2nd February 2017

3. Thursday 2nd March 2017

4. Thursday 6th April 2017

Advanced Skills (Group 3) - 3 PLACES LEFT

1. Friday 5th May 2017

2. Friday 26th May 2017

3. Friday 30th June 2017

4. Friday 21st July 2017

Foundation Skills (Group 12) – LIMITED PLACES

1. Thursday 16th February 2017

2. Thursday 9th March 2017

3. Thursday 27th April 2017

4. Thursday 18th May 2017

Foundation Skills (Group 13) – NOW BOOKING

1. Friday 1st September 2017

2. Friday 29th September 2017

3. Friday 20th October 2017

4. Friday 17th November 2017

Tutor: Richard Kahan / Maximum attendance: 8 persons / More dates will be announced shortly


The cost of the 3 courses booked together is £5373 + VAT (£6450 inc VAT) – a saving of 10% (>£1000) on the total cost (£7164) of booking the three courses separately.

The course runs from 9:15am – 5:15pm each day.

At the end of the Advanced Skills Course 4 day programme each participant will be presented with the Academy Certificate in Endodontic Practice.

The 12 day programme represents 84 hours (12 days of 7 hours) of verifiable CPD activity.

The fee includes all hands-on materials, course resources, refreshments and lunch.

Course Cancellation Policy

1. All cancellations must be sent in writing by email to

2. Cancellations received 29 calendar days or more before the (individual) course start date will be entitled to a full refund, minus a £10.00 administration fee.

3. Cancellations received between 15 and 28 calendar days (inclusive) before the (individual) course start date will receive a 50% refund of the course fee, minus a £10.00 administration fee.

4. Late cancellations received between 1 day and 14 days (inclusive) prior to the course start date, will have no refund given.

5. Failure to attend the course on the day will be treated as late cancellation and no refund will be given.

Please note: every effort will be made to avoid unnecessary changes to course arrangements. In the unlikely event that a course has to be cancelled or its date altered, a full refund will be offered to all course participants.