Junaid Malik – Foundation Skills Course

A review article by Dr Junaid Malik BDS MFDSRCSEd on attending the Foundation Skills Course of the Certificate in Endodontic Practice (yet to be published)

Endodontic Practice Journal – May 2014

Endodontic Practice talks to Richard Kahan about the Academy of Advanced Endodontics, a new course provider offering a programme dedicated to endodontics

Here are some of the questions now being asked with answers:

1. Is there an examination for the Certificate in Endodontic Practice?

No. The idea of this course is stress the practicality of endodontics and the work will be focused on acquiring practical skills and not answering examination questions.

2. Are there microscopes for everyone?

Yes. I do not believe that modern endodontics can be done without magnification and lighting. Loupes with headlights will be available for those not wanting the full transition to microscope work, but I would urge everyone to have a go at using a microsope. The change is inspiring!

3. Can I pay in installments for the Certificate?

Yes, the course fee can be spread out over 9 months, following a deposit . You cannot take advantage of the special price of purchasing the three courses in one go, and the full price (£6120) will apply (Early Bird Discount is still available). Please contact Joanne for further details.

By Email – Hi, I would like you to send me more details about the Endodontic Course, is it only hands on? Is it examinable or not? How much does it cost?

The courses are predominantly hands-on using microscopes, combinations of rotary and hand instrumentation and warm GP obturation. The clinical element is live treatment observation and discussion. It is not examinable and there are no reading or writing requirements.

If you book all three courses together before May 15, 2014 then the cost would be £4590.

After May 15, the cost would be £5508.

You can take advantage of payment through installments, but the cost of this would be the full price of taking the 3 courses separately (i.e. doing the first course as a taster and seeing whether you thought it was good enough to carry on). Before May 15 this would be £5100. After May 15 it would be £6120.