Patient Information

The Academy of Advanced Endodontics is the expanded clinical practice of Richard S Kahan, dedicated to innovation and excellence in patient treatment and endodontic training in the West-End of London.

With our primary goal of saving teeth and returning them to comfortable function, we use the most advanced technology available in a gentle and informative way to ensure diagnostic accuracy and achievable treatment planning, delivering effective endodontic treatment in a supportive and relaxed environment.

Ask your dentist about being referred to the Academy or Richard Kahan, or visit our links to find out more about specialist root canal treatment.

The Referral Process

We accept referrals from all practitioners as well as patient self-referrals. We will try and see you as quickly as possible and will give you an appointment with the first endodontist available (you might have to wait a little longer for Richard).

1. We will request an x-ray of your tooth/teeth from you or your referring dentist so early decision-making and appropriate timings can be assessed by Richard.

2. Initial consultations are carried out by Richard, or our fellowship associates, for a more efficient response. Your treatment options will be discussed during the consultation together with costs, although the final treatment plan may well require further discussion and confirmation within the team. All cases are discussed with the final treatment plan approved by Richard. (See consultation in prices).

3. You can choose who you wish to carry out treatment. Our fellowship associates offer a cost effective alternative to Richard. (See prices).

4. All treatment is checked and discussed in the team ensuring that high-quality is maintained.

Read Daniel Simmons description of his treatment appointment.

Our Team

Richard S Kahan – Clinical Director. Specialist Endodontist

Irene Soriano – Endodontic Masters Graduate

David Selouk – Endodontic Masters Graduate

Stella Sarafi – Endodontic Masters Graduate

Joanne Leatherbarrow – Practice Manager

Veronika Garavito – Senior Specialist Endodontic Nurse

Olivia Moore - Trainee Specialist Endodontic Nurse

Adriana Jimenez - Trainee Specialist Endodontic Nurse

Hours of Practice

Monday – 8am – 5.30pm

Tuesday – 8am – 5.30pm

Wednesday – 8am – 4pm

Thursday – 9am – 5.30pm

Friday – 9am – 5.30pm

Saturday – TBA