School – Hasmonean Grammar School for Boys Undergraduate – London Hospital Medical College. Postgraduate – Eastman Dental Institute


1984 – Final BDS(Lon). 1985 – Final LDSRCS(Eng). 1993 – MSc.(Lon), in Endodontics. 1999 – Registered as Specialist in Endodontics. GDC Registration No: 59690


1986 – 1 year Barnet Vocational Training Scheme. 1987 – 9 month Endodontic Course – Eastman Dental Hospital. 1991 – 2 year MSc in Endodontics – Eastman Dental Hospital.

Prizes, Distinctions

1977 – School Head Boy 1984 – Constance Klein Memorial Prize in Conservation & Oral Diagnosis. 1993 – MSc. with distinction.

Dental Clinical Experience

1985 – 1993 – Part-time general dental practice. 1993 – present – Practice limited to Endodontics.

Society Membership

British Endodontic Society Alpha Omega Fraternity- Council Member 1996 – 1997 London Dental Journal Club Hampstead Journal Club


1993 – 1999
Practitioner limited to Endodontics Endodontics at Walpole Street 16 Walpole Street London SW3 4QP

1994 – 2008
Honorary Clinical Lecturer Eastman Dental Institute

1998 – 1999
Senior General Dental Practitioner Eastman Dental Institute

1999 – Sept 2003
Endodontic Teaching Staff Eastman Continuing Professional Development International Centre for Excellence in Dentistry

1999 – current
Specialist Endodontist 99 Harley Street London W1G 6AQ

2000 – 2001
Third Year Endodontic Specialist Trainer Eastman Dental Institute

Sept 2003 – July 2010
Director of Endodontic Courses University College London, Eastman CPD Eastman Continuing Professional Development

Oct 2008 – Sept 2011
Senior Clinical Part-time Lecturer in Endodontology Eastman Dental Institute

July 2014 – current
Director, Academy of Advanced Endodontics

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Kahan RS, Gulabivala K, Snook M (1994) Limitations of a commercial pulse oximeter for assessment of pulp vitality. International Endodontic Journal 27 (2) p100 (ESE abstracts).

Kahan RS, Gulabivala K, Snook M, Setchell DJ. (1996) Evaluation of a pulse oximeter and customised probe for pulp vitality testing. Journal of Endodontics 22 (3) 105-109

Kahan RS, Gulabivala K. (1995) Intentional Replantation – A Case Study. Dental Update (Dec) 408-410.

M. B. Saunders, K. Gulabivala, R. Holt & R. S. Kahan (2000) – Reliability of radiographic observations recorded on a proforma measured using inter- and intra-observer variation: a preliminary study. International Endodontic Journal 33 (3) 272-6

R. S. Kahan (2008) – Summary of: Cleaning endodontic files in a washer disinfector. British Dental Journal 204, 562-563 doi:10.1038/sj.bdj.2008.412

R. S. Kahan (2013) Summary of: A survey of adoption of endodontic nickel-titanium rotary instrumentation part 1: general dental practitioners in Wales. British Dental Journal 214,, 114-115 doi:10.1038/sj.bdj.2013.134a

R. S. Kahan (2013) – Summary of: A survey of adoption of endodontic nickel-titanium rotary instrumentation part 2: community and hospital dental practitioners in Wales British Dental Journal 214, 114-115 doi:10.1038/sj.bdj.2013.134b

Journal Referee

International Dental Journal October 2003 – present

British Dental Journal June 2006 – present

International Endodontic Journal November 2009 – present


Endodontic Hardware – equipment for modern endodontics Word of Mouth, BDHF publication. November 2003 The Eastman Endodontic Certificate Course The Probe, January 2004 Further Endodontic Education – an interview with Richard Kahan Dental Practice, January 2004 Secure your e-mail Private Dentistry, May 2004 Digital Radiography – A guide for the perplexed BDA News – November 2006 The Future of Endodontic Diagnosis Dental Practice, August 2008

Lectures, Seminars, Presentations & Projects

Seminars in Endodontology – MSc. In Endodontics, Eastman Dental Institute.

02/94 – Periapical Pathology 03/94 – Automated Preparation of Root Canals

01/95 – The Diagnosis of Endodontic Problems 04/95 – Root Canal Obturation

12/96 – The Diagnosis of Endodontic Problems I & II 04/97 – Hand Instrumentation of Root Canals II & III 04/97 – Root Canal Obturation I & II 12/97 – The Diagnosis of Endodontic Problems I & II 04/98 – Root Canal Obturation I & II

Seminars in Endodontology – MSc. In Conservative Dentistry, Eastman Dental Institute.

02/93 – The Pathology of Pulpal & Periapical disease 02/94 – The Pathology of Pulpal & Periapical disease 05/94 – The Management of Trauma. 01/95, 11/96, 11/97 – The Physiology of Pulp and Root Canal Anatomy. 01/95, 11/96, 12/97 – Pulpal and Periapical Disease. Microleakage. 01/95, 01/97, 01/98 – Endodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. 05/94, 02/95, 02/97, 04/98 – Endodontic Management of Trauma & Resorption. 04/94, 03/95 – Surgical Endodontics. 02/97, 04/98 – Root Canal Obturation. 06/95, 06/97, 06/98 – Endodontic Revision.


11/94 – European Society of Endodontology, Biennial meeting, London Scientific Section – The Use of a Pulse Oximeter in Pulp Vitality Testing. 03/95 – Odotological Section of the Royal College of Medicine Presidents Prize – A Novel Design for a Pulp Vitality Tester. 03/98 – British Endodontic Society, Spring Scientific Meeting, London. Poster Presentation – Saunders M, Gulabivala K, Holt R, Kahan R.S. The Internal Validity of Radiographic Assessment measured using Intra and Inter-Observer Variation. 11/99 – Eastman Conservation Department Alumni meeting ‘IT and the Endodontist’ 05/00 – International Centre for Excellence in Dentistry. Dental Reference Officers’ Symposium ‘Modern Imaging Techniques’ 05/00 – BSRD May Scientific Meeting, Windsor ‘IT and the Endodontist’ 11/01 – BDA Tunbridge Wells Section, Tunbridge Wells Hospital ‘Paperless practice’ 03/02 – International Centre for Excellence in Dentistry. Combined Restorative and Endodontic Courses ‘Modern Imaging Techniques’ 05/02 – Quality Care Association, Farnborough Hospital Postgraduate Centre ‘Integrating IT into Dental Practice’ 11/02 – Dental Showcase, Canary Wharf Technical exhibitor with Clark Dental and Schick Technologies ‘Computerised Dental Radiography’ 03/03 – Diploma in Restorative Dental Practice ‘Modern Imaging Techniques’ 06/03 – Hampstead Journal Club ‘The Internet and your Practice’ 10/03 – Ora Dental Group ‘Digital Radiography’ 11/03 – Hampstead Journal Club ‘E-mail security and spam strategies’ 11/03 – The London Dental Study Club ‘The Internet and your Practice’ 02/04 – BDA Careers Day ‘The Specialist Pathway’ 04/04 – UCL Teaching & Learning Conference Poster presentation 04/04 – Diploma in Restorative Dental Practice ‘Modern Imaging Techniques – Digital Radiography’ 01/05 – BDA-Eastman Careers Day ‘Private Specialist Practice’ 08/08 – Benefits of Epocs 3D for Endodontic Treatment X-Ray Trader meeting, Frankfurt 11/08 – The Future of Endodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Swedish Endodontic Society, Stockholm 02/09 – IT and the Endodontist CN Dental Seminars, Barbados 10/09 – The Future of Endodontic Diagnosis British Dental Association Study Group, South Warwickshire. 10/09 – Radiography in Endodontics Eastman Dental Institute. Seminar for Prosthetics, Periodontics and Paedodontics. 01/12 – CBCT – Fours Years and Still in Love Main Speaker Full Day presentation. Langham Endodontic Study Group. British Dental Association 02/12, 02/13, – The Pathogenesis of Periapical Disease Webinar. MSc in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry. University of Manchester and The Healthcare Learning Co. 04/12, 04/13 – Interdisciplinary Dentistry – The role of an Endodontist Webinar. MSc in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry. University of Manchester and The Healthcare Learning Co. 05/12, 05/13 – New Horizons in Endodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. Clinical Innovations Conference. Millennium Gloucester Hotel. London 11/12 – Bringing Endodontic Case Notes into the 21st Century. British Endodontic Society Regional Meeting. Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel. Bristol


07/95, 07/96 Certificate Course in Restorative Dentistry – Endodontic Module 07/97, 07/98 Dental Practice Centre – Eastman Dental Institute. Day 2 & 3, Demonstrator and Lecturer The Preparation of Teeth for Endodontics The Role of Automated Preparation Alternative Obturating Techniques 07/95, 06/96, 06/97 Faculty of General Dental Practitioners RCS(Eng) Midsummer Workshop – Interactive Approach to Quality in General Dental Practice, Hitchin Priory.

Fast and Effective Root Canal Obturation. 09/96, 10/96 Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster Training Subgroup. Restorative Dentistry Course, Endodontic Section. 2 Day ‘Hands On’ Course. Course Leader Biological Considerations in Endodontic Treatment The Preparation of Teeth for Endodontics Rationale and Practical Aspects of Root Canal Preparation 08/97 Alpha Omega London Chapter 1 Day ‘Hands On’ Course. Course Leader Effective Root Canal Preparation 06/98 Faculty of General Dental Practitioners RCS(Eng).

Barnet Postgraduate Centre 1 Day ‘Hands On’ Course. Course Leader Root Canal Preparation and Obturation – Techniques for The Millennium. 01/00 Faculty of General Dental Practitioners RCS(Eng). Barnet Postgraduate Centre 1 Day ‘Hands On’ Course. Course Leader Preparing and Obturating Root Canals. 03/01 Faculty of General Dental Practitioners RCS(Eng). Barnet Postgraduate Centre 1 Day ‘Hands On’ Course. Course Leader The Preparation and Obturation of Root Canals

Endodontic Courses at Eastman CPD

1999 – present Teaching on: Diploma in Clinical Restorative Dental Practice Certificate in Restorative Dentistry An Update in Endodontic Clinical Techniques IQE Revision Course – Endodontics Essential Endodontics in General Practice Endodontic Re-treatment Simply Endodontics Magnification in Clinical Endodontics 09/03- 07/10 Director and Co-ordinator of: Endodontic Certificate Course Basic and Advanced Endodontic modules of DRDP Section 63 Endodontic Courses IQE Endodontic Revision Course Specialist Endodontic Courses Projects and Research Activity 01/97 – 08/97 MSc. Student Project Supervisor M.B. Saunders – The Internal Validity of Radiographic Assessment measured using Intra and Inter-Observer Variation. 04/99 – 11/00 Development of Digital Endodontic Office software. In clinical practice use (99 Harley Street) from March 2000 03/02 – Redbus CPD / Eastman Programme Endodontics. Draft preparation with Stephen Hancocks 06/02 – Smile-on and Eastman CPD IT Master classes for General Practitioners. 09/02 – British Endodontic Society, collaboration with Dr Andrew Hyatt, President, British Endodontic Society. Endodontic Audit Project for General Dental Practitioners Designed scan-able clinical audit form. Presented to Council and BES regional meeting 10/02. 02/03 – Randomised controlled trial organised through the British Endodontic Society. ‘Effect of 0,5% versus 5.0% sodium hypochlorite on the outcome of root canal treatment. Collaboration with Paula Ng, Eastman Dental Institute Designed scanable forms. 04/05 -Work in progress to be approved – 6 month clinical trial of Endo-Biz software with Postgraduate Endodontic students at Eastman Dental Institute. To assess user compliance, quality of data input, ability to export statistical information, scalability and performance of software. 09/ current Prospective multi-centred randomised control trial through British Endodontic Society using EndoBiz software as data collecting device.

Teaching and Clinical Innovation

UCL accredited Certificate in Endodontics 2005

Adult Dental Health surveys have shown that the population is retaining more teeth, later into life and the average life-span is increasing. It is estimated that this will result in more “wear and tear” dental problems and with it an increasing need for Endodontic services.

It is an established, published fact that the undergraduate training in dentistry does not equip qualified dentists to tackle the endodontic problems they encounter. There is a recognized need for postgraduate endodontic courses that provide hands-on training within a sound academic framework to supplement the deficiencies of previous training. In 2003 I founded the Eastman Certificate in Endodontics which has run successfully for 2 years.

Recently, working together with Kishor Gulabivala, I have upgraded the Certificate programme to a University Certificate to complement the existing Masters Degree programmes in the Unit of Endodontology. It is envisaged that a modular structure will be developed for progression from a Certificate to a Diploma and thence to a Master of Science. These proposed part-time programmes would meet the demand for greater endodontic competence amongst GDPs, with a University award, as well as forming a foundation for progression to higher levels of achievement up to Specialist level on a modular basis.

Certificate in Endodontics Extranet 2003

As Course Director, I developed and maintained a password protected internet site for participants of the Certificate in Endodontics course at Eastman CPD. The site contains an announcement section, the course listings and daily schedules with aims and objectives, and the full articles contained in the reading lists. Lectures with all instruction and resources related to the course are archived on the site, together with a discussion board allowing open communication between lecturers and participants. The site is interactive and e-mails participants when any new material is added with inward links to the material.

Clinical Data Practice Software (Endo-Biz)

I have designed and developed software to enter medical or dental clinical data contemporaneously in a simplified manner allowing effective clinical records and audit. The software produces forms that are designed by the individual clinician, based on their usual examination and treatment protocols. The forms are filled in using new wireless Microsoft Tablet text recognition technology and easily readable clinical notes are instantly rendered from the input. The powerful backend SQL database provides the data for statistical analysis as well as publishing the information to web pages that can be accessed remotely and securely by interested parties. (

Diploma in Endodontic Practice & the Academy of Advanced Endodontics 2010

In collaboration with Professor Kishor Gulabivala I have extended the UCL Eastman Certificate in Endodontics and designed a new UCL Eastman Diploma in Endodontic Practice. The two year part-time course was approved by UCL Faculty in June 2010 and will commence in October 2011. Aimed at general dental practitioners wishing to improve their endodontic skills to the level required for Special Interest (DwSI) contracts. The Diploma requires 23 days of attendance in each year, together with 8-10 hours of weekly offsite study, assignments or clinical tasks. The course has been designed to allow maximum flexibility for busy professionals who wish to maintain their clinical practice yet take advantage of the opportunities for further specialised training.

The course will be taught through a combination of seminars, lectures, practical hands-on laboratory sessions, student presentations, e-learning and clinical mentoring. A unique innovation will be introduced for the second year of the Diploma for those who have successfully completed the first part of the course. Practitioners will have the opportunity to be mentored by me within the new Academy of Advanced Endodontics in Harley Street, London. They will be able to treat patients under close supervision using state-of-the-art equipment assisted by tutor endodontic specialist nurses.

Academy of Advanced Endodontics, May 2014

I have established a teaching unit within my practice at 99 Harley Street. Courses are run for general practitioners, GPs who wish to have a Special Interest in Endodontics, aTraining specialists and registered Endodontic Specialists. These include the Certificate in Endodontic Practice, Practical CBCT for Endodontics and a Fellowship program. Innovations include live treatment sessions from the surgery and the use of self-designed 3D printed ‘Academy’ teeth for teaching endodontic procedures. Practitioners are introduced to treatment concepts I have coined such as ‘Targeted Endodontics’, ‘Guided Endodontics’, virtual periapical radiographs and the thick slice technique for time shifted diagnosis, as well as Endobiz software techniques.