Root Canal Treatment Prices

Our root canal treatment prices are transparent and all-inclusive. Please bear this in mind when comparing to other prices quoted on websites. Once quoted there are no extras. Included in the treatment prices quoted on the website is a consultation, a Cone Beam CT scan, all digital radiographs, all root canal treatment prices including instrument usage, a final filling and X-Ray review if required.

We have restructured our prices in line with the introduction of our Fellowship Associates. The fee for initial consultation, which is for 1 hour and includes a full clinical examination of the problem area/s, full oral soft tissue examination and all necessary intra-oral x-rays and a CBCT scan of the problem area/s if relevant, is now £195 if carried out by a Fellowship Associate and £275 by Richard. If you go forward with treatment this amount is subtracted from the total price quoted and listed in our pricing guide.

You will be provided with a diagnosis and treatment plan, and have a choice of whom you wish to carry out any relevant treatment. Our fellowship associate working as a training specialist under Richard’s guidance allows us to provide lower prices whilst maintaining our hallmark high quality, technically advanced referral service...

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In-House Cone Beam CT Scanner

At present, the practice is still one of only a very few endondontic practices in the UK with its own Veraview Epocs 3D scanner manufactured by Morita.

The cone beam CT scanner has been in use for over 6 years and Richard has reported on over 4000 scans of teeth with endodontic issues. His expertise in this new and effective diagnostic modality has resulted in the practice becoming a referral centre for complex cases used by both endodontists and general practitioners.

The Academy has become the first endodontic clinic in the UK to run a CBCT course to teach the increased complexity of scanned images to specialists and general dental practitioners.

The cone beam CT scanner can be set to take the smallest volume radiograph, reducing the radiation to the minimal possible.

Diagnosis of endodontic problems in supremely enhanced allowing visualisation of root canal anatomy previously unavailable from standard or digital x-rays. Accurate diagnosis using Cone Beam CT 3D scans may allow targeted treatment that could save time, money and the stress of exploratory procedures to find the source of the problem. Read More

Root Canal Treatment in London

Richard Kahan only practices at his endodontic specialist practice in London at 99 Harley Street, London and does not work in any other dentist’s practices.

High quality root canal treatment and endodontic microsurgery is best carried out with an operating microscope, specialist equipment, a CBCT scanner and highly trained staff in a supportive environment.