Daniel Simmons from Herne Bay describes his root canal treatment at 99 Harley street.

Joanne, Thanks for your note. Tooth feels great! Absolutely normal. Later on Wednesday it just felt a bit grippy once the dope had worn off, but nothing to hurl down painkillers over, and as of Thursday morning there was nothing at all to suggest I’d had anything done. No sensitivity when eating or anything like that.

Also many thanks to you and Richard and your other colleague (whose name I must admit I’ve forgotten) for a very enjoyable session at your surgery on Wednesday. I’d circled ‘not anxious about dentistry’ on the form, and I’m not. But still, going to a Harley Street dentist is a bit of an adventure for me: you don’t know quite what to expect so you’re just a little bit apprehensive. And it was actually great fun. The whole mood was breezy and chatty and friendly, and also quite fascinating and massively informative. And what I suppose you’d have to call a pretty invasive procedure was astonishingly pain-free (even the anaesthetic injection, which is usually a bit wince-inducing).

Most importantly, of course, Richard was able to identify the perp. I’m greatly relieved that we should be on the way to fixing the problem. It was surprising to learn that abscesses aren’t always painful, even when they fully hit their stride. Not my experience! (Is all I can say). I think I’m pretty tough about pain – e.g., permanent severe sciatic nerve pain which I can put up with, no prob – but tooth abscesses are in a whole different league, and have given me some really desperate days and nights. Not quite suicidal, but getting along that way to a worrying degree. My tooth abscesses laugh at dihydrocodeine (I think it’s called? Like Paramol now, and high-dose DF118 back in the day). So I’m pretty motivated on this one!

I’d been sceptical about the in-chair entertainment. It had seemed highly improbable that I’d be able to switch off from the procedure and casually take in a movie or whatever, but it worked really well! I pretty much forgot about the root-canal action, and was fully engaged with the programme which was very funny. I’ll be happy to take another episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm next trip. Actually I also thought the sort of dry-dock arrangement in the mouth helped a lot. Obviously that’s to aid the dentist’s manoeuvres rather than being for the patient’s comfort, but in an odd way it did help me to disassociate myself from what was going on in my gob – which has to be a good thing.

Hope you don’t mind me going on a bit. Since I was replying anyway, I just wanted to say a couple of other things since I can’t speak highly enough of the treatment I received on Wednesday.

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