Are we ripping you off?

Patient Education


Are we ripping you off?

The video clip above is from the very excellent Joe List, and you can watch more of Joe List: I Hate Myself on YouTube.

I loved the humour in notionally being ripped off by your dentist.

It is a shared experience with other specialities that the ‘lay individual’ will not fully understand, and feel they are being taken advantage of, like with car mechanics or heating engineers. 

It addresses what has become almost an obsession for me –

I have chosen a profession that lives in a hidden world.

Dentistry and endodontics are surrounded by esoteric concepts, jargon and fear. Patients dutifully attend appointments they have no idea about. Taken on trust like lambs to the slaughter. 


I hate this situation and insist that my patients have a good understanding of the issue they are consulting on and how I can help. 

This requires some time. Going back to basics to comprehend the form and function of the tooth and how disease can damage this and lead to pain and possible loss.  

I take my patients through the diagnostic process, explaining what the observations mean and their implications. The scan is shown on a huge screen and I need my patient to understand what they are seeing. 

Once the diagnosis is reached, it is important to then go through all the treatment options with their relative advantages and disadvantages, as well as likely success rates and the consequences of failure. 

The only way to truly consent to any treatment is to ensure this is fully understood.

It is the reason why my consultations take an hour and sometimes longer. 


My true satisfaction is when a patient asks a question that confirms the principles have been understood and there is genuine interest in the complexities of what is being discussed. 

Costs are also gone through by Joanne, who will explain the different practitioner prices relevant to the treatment plan so they are understood and the patient can make a rational choice on how to go forward.

The humour and insight provided by Joe List’s ‘I Hate Myself’ resonate deeply with the challenges faced in the world of dentistry and endodontics. The shared experiences of feeling overcharged and misunderstood in various specialities highlight the importance of transparency and patient education. 


As a professional, the commitment to ensuring patients fully understand their treatment options and the underlying principles of their dental health is not just a matter of ethical practice but a source of true satisfaction. 

The detailed consultations and clear communication of costs exemplify the dedication to patient empowerment and informed decision-making. This approach not only demystifies the ‘hidden world’ of dentistry but also fosters a more trusting and collaborative relationship between patients and practitioners.

For more information on our patient communication, watch the video below: