Setting a New Standard for Endodontics in the UK

The exterior of the building of the Academy of Advanced Endodontics in London, side angle

About Us

Since our inception in 2014, The Academy of Advanced Endodontics has been committed to setting the gold standard in endodontic care and education. 

With a fusion of masterful expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a patient-centric approach, we’ve consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in endodontic treatments. 

Our dedication to excellence has not only positioned us as leaders in the field but has also allowed us to provide unparalleled care to our patients and top-tier training to aspiring endodontists. At the heart of our academy is a relentless pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and the desire to save and restore the natural beauty of every tooth we encounter.

Our History

A Brief Timeline of the clinical and academic journey which led us here.

After obtaining his master's in endodontics with distinction at the Eastman Institute (UCL) and serving as an honorary lecturer, Richard Kahan is appointed as the Director of Endodontic Courses at University College London, Eastman CPD.
Richard develops The Eastman Certificate in Endodontics.
The Eastman Certificate in Endodontics receives UCL accreditation under Richard's leadership.
The Diploma in Endodontics receives UCL accreditation.
Richard establishes the Academy of Advanced Endodontics in pursuit of clinical excellence and the opportunity to expand the practical nature of training he’s able to provide.
David Selouk and Richard become Joint Directors of the Academy, setting a new standard for endodontic excellence in the UK. 

Our Team

Clinical Directors

Clinical director, Richard Kahan, standing outside of the dental practice in London
Specialist in Endodontics, Clinical Director 
Richard, with his four decades of unwavering commitment to endodontics, has been a trailblazer in the field, integrating technology and innovation to elevate patient care.
Clinical director, David Selouk, standing outside of the dental practice in London
Specialist in Endodontics, Clinical Co-Director
David’s academic and clinical achievements are a testament to his dedication. His role at the Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals further cements his position as a leading figure in the endodontic community.

Associate Dentists

Specialist in endodontics, Ian Blewitt, standing outside of the dental practice in London
Specialist in Endodontics, Associate Specialist
Ian’s areas of expertise are root canal treatments of complex teeth and re-root canal treatment. Ian is a caring, patient and meticulous person who is keen to dispel the myths surrounding root canals by providing pain-free treatment.
Endodontic Masters Graduate, Irene Soriano, standing outside of the dental practice in London
Endodontic Masters Graduate, Senior Fellowship Associate
Irene is dedicated to dental excellence, and she has been praised for her gentle and relaxed approach with patients. Awarded an MSc in Endodontics with distinction at the world-renowned Eastman Dental Institute, Irene now works in the Department of Endodontics on a part-time basis.
Endodontic Masters Graduate, Stella Sarafi, standing outside of the dental practice in London
Endodontic Masters Graduate, Senior Fellowship Associate
Stella combines enthusiasm for endodontics with a calm and gentle approach to help her patients save their natural teeth and maintain their smile. In 2011, she was selected for the Master’s in Endodontics programme of the Eastman Dental Institute in London, which she successfully completed, winning the Dentsply Maillefer Endodontic Prize.
Speciality Dentist in Oral Surgery, Leigh-Ann Elias, standing outside of the dental practice in London
Speciality Dentist in Oral Surgery with a special interest in Orofacial Pain, Trigeminal Nerve Injuries
With Professor Tara Renton, Leigh-Ann helps to run the oro-facial pain multidisciplinary team at King’s College Dental Institute, the biggest of its kind in Europe. She is also a senior clinical teacher in oral surgery, training undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Administrative and Nursing Team

Practice Manager and Treatment Coordinator, Joanne Leatherbarrow, standing outside of the dental practice in London
Practice Manager and Treatment Coordinator
Assistant Manager, Compliance Lead and Specialist Endodontic Nurse,Rachel Whittaker-Percival, standing outside of the dental practice in London
Assistant Manager, Compliance Lead and Specialist Endodontic Nurse
Specialist Endodontic Nurse, Natalia Ponici, standing outside of the dental practice in London
Specialist Endodontic Nurse
Specialist Endodontic Nurse, Andrea Poganescu, standing outside of the dental practice in London
Specialist Endodontic Nurse
Receptionist, Katherine Fernandes, standing outside of the dental practice in London

Our Mission

In a world where natural teeth are often undervalued, the Academy of Advanced Endodontics champions their preservation.

We challenge dental norms, offering patients top-tier treatments that prioritise the longevity of their natural teeth.

Through our Academy, we bridge the gaps in endodontic training, empowering dentists to excel and preserve.

By fostering a community of continuous learning and innovation, we aim to elevate dental standards, ensuring every tooth gets its chance.

Our Vision

In a future shaped by the Academy of Advanced Endodontics, every tooth is given its rightful chance, with extractions becoming a last resort.

Dentists equipped with superior skills and knowledge confidently restore even challenging endodontic cases, ensuring patients benefit from the expertise of trusted practitioners.

In a world where endodontic excellence is the norm, continuous
improvement is embedded in practice, and the word ‘failure’ is a distant memory in endodontic care.

Our Values

The Principles That Guide Us


We’re committed to the highest standards.


We treat everyone with empathy, care and respect.

Lifelong Learning

We believe in the power of continuous education and upskilling.


We do everything possible to create understanding and comfort.


We communicate openly, wholly and honestly.

Pioneering Technology

At the Academy of Advanced Endodontics, we pride ourselves on integrating the latest technological advancements to ensure our patients receive unparalleled endodontic care. Here’s a glimpse into our state-of-the-art technology:

Video Glasses

Male patient with special dental glasses on lying in the dental chair. Male endodontist in the background

For more than 25 years, we’ve been pioneers in enhancing patient experience during treatments. Our high-definition Zeiss Cinemizer glasses, connected to major video streaming services, not only entertain but also offer patients the unique opportunity to watch their procedure as seen through the microscope. It’s a testament to our commitment to transparency and patient comfort.

Rubber Dam

A testament to our commitment to precision and patient comfort, the rubber dam technique we employ has been a gold standard since 1836. It ensures a clean working environment within the tooth, preventing debris or water entering the patient’s mouth during the procedure.

Morita Tri Auto ZX2 Handpiece

Male endodontist passing a dental tool to another team member

Our collaboration with Morita, a renowned Japanese engineering company, has equipped us with the Tri Auto ZX2 handpiece. This revolutionary device combines the precision of the Morita apex locator with advanced motor capabilities, ensuring rapid, safe and efficient root canal preparations.

Laser-Assisted Root Canal Therapy

David Selouk mid procedure speaking to male assistant about dental equipment

We’re the first in the UK to employ the SkyPulse™ endodontic laser with SWEEPS and R-SWEEPS capabilities. This technology, combined with our expertise, ensures narrower, cleaner and less damaged root canals, preserving the natural anatomy of the tooth.

Cone Beam CT Technology

Richard Kahan taking his male patient for an x-ray. Male patient sitting inside x-ray machine

Our on-site Veraview X800 cone beam CT scanner by Morita offers a 3D view of the tooth and surrounding bone, providing unparalleled clarity in diagnosis and treatment planning. As one of the first endodontic practices in the UK to adopt this technology, we’ve become a referral centre for complex cases, trusted by both endodontists and general practitioners.

Intraoral Scanner and 3D Printer

David Selouk mid procedure. A computer screen shows a photograph of teeth in the background

Using our intraoral scanner, we are able to take a digital impression of your teeth. With specialised design software, we construct a 3D-printed guide using our in-house printer. These guides can then be used during treatment to preserve tooth structure and make traditionally highly complex treatments simpler and more predictable.


Female endodontist looking through a dental microscope

The dental operative microscope has been widely employed in the field of dentistry, particularly in endodontics. This results in significant advancements in the effectiveness of root canal treatment and endodontic surgery. The high-quality magnification and illumination greatly enhance visualisation of the operative field, crucial for carrying out intricate endodontic procedures while preserving natural tooth structure.

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